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Instability in the Central African Republic


Femicides in Mexico

Security Council MS

Stateless Kurds Conflict

Violation of Human Rights in Bengali Textile Factories

The Violation of Human Rights in Bengali Textile Companies

Stateless Kurds Conflict

World  Health Organization MS

Drug War and Drug Lords in Mexico

Eradicating Maternal Mortality


Addressing gender disparities and promoting gender equality in education

Preservation of indigenous cultures and languages

General Assembly MS

Promote the rule of law and ensure equal access to justice in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Question of Population Associated with the Elimination of Countries by Rising Sealevels

General Assembly HS

Supporting internationaly displaced people around the globe

The Promotion of Strategies for the Transition to Renewable Energies

Security Council MS

Providing a Permanent Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Prevention on Cyberwarfare globally

Security Council HS

The War in Ukraine

Adressing Terrorism in the Horn of Africa

World Health Organization MS

The issue of genetic modification of embryos

Dealing with ebola outbreak in the Congo


Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites in Ukraine

Mantaining equitable access to education for women in developing coutnries


Woman's Human Rights being abused in Middle East

Updating the convention on the rights for the people with disabilities


Addressing the Dispute Over the Senkaku Islands

The Question of the status of Western Sahara as a non-self-governing territory

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