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Instability in the Central African Republic


Femicides in Mexico

Security Council MS

Stateless Kurds Conflict

Violation of Human Rights in Bengali Textile Factories

The Violation of Human Rights in Bengali Textile Companies

Stateless Kurds Conflict

World  Health Organization MS

Drug War and Drug Lords in Mexico

Eradicating Maternal Mortality


Addressing gender disparities and promoting gender equality in education

Preservation of indigenous cultures and languages

Security Council MS

The Question of Resolving Cybersecurity Threats

Restricting Russia from Committing Acts of Terrorism While in War with Ukraine

General Assembly MS

Addressing the Violence in South Sudan and Surrounding Areas

Supporting Refugees from African Countries entering Europe

World Health Organization MS

How can countries keep implementing systems to prevent pandemics?

Addressing the Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol by Minors.


The Question of Cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Preserving and Protecting Indigenous Languages

Security Council HS

Discussing the Regulation of Nuclear Weapons

Discussing the Increase of Military Threats over Taiwan Sovereignty

General Assembly HS

Addressing the Issue of Deforestation in the Amazon Forest.

World Health Organization HS

Addressing the Criminalization of Abortion.

Addressing the Addiction and drug use in the Homeless Population


Eradicating the use of Animal Testing

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